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Hello and welcome to my page! Seeing a stylist for the first time can be scary so let me give you all the details so you know what's up when you get here!

Fringe Baltimore is located in Remington a block away from R. House and Remington Row.  There's plenty of street parking and a public parking garage in Remington Row that you're welcome to use.

We have an outdoor seating area complete with a garden and sunning chairs if you prefer to process outside. We have a free library as well, so feel free to take a book with you when you leave as long as you give it to someone else when you're done!















My consultation style is honest and educational. I'm a natural teacher and a nerd about all things hair so I love a challenge but I'm also not afraid to tell you if I think there's a better idea. I've been doing this job a long time and I've seen pretty much everything so if it can't be done, I'll tell you why and come up with something you'll wish you'd have thought of first!

The vibe at Fringe is unlike any salon you've been to. Don't be surprised if you end up talking to four of us at once and leaving with everyone's insta! We love our clients and we believe the experience should be FUN. We have snacks, grooves on the stereo, and seltzer with and without the booze! So click on the link below so I can find out more about you and get you a digital welcome packet!



Here's my Schedule

Tues: 12-7p

Thurs: 12-7p

Fri: 12-6p

Sat: 11am-4pm (@peak pricing)

You can email me at with hair related requests. I respond weekdays from 9-11am

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