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Curly Cuts

Who's a good candidate, a walk through of the process, and how to get the best results


Who's a good Candidate for a curly cut?

Ask yourself the following questions

Do you wear your hair in its natural state about 85% of the time?

Are you ready to give up oils and butters?

Are you trying to avoid heat styling and find a routine and products that save you time?

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The Process

We'll do a thorough consultation where I'll ask you how often you're washing currently, what products you're using, what your lifestyle is like, and what your goals are with your hair

Then I'll take you back to the shampoo bowl and we'll start by detoxing your curls of product buildup, minerals that may be in your water, and other things that are standing in the way of your hair getting all that good hydration

Once your hair is detoxed, I'll condition and detangle you. Once your hair is ready to receive moisture, we'll do a base gel and topper gel and define each curl by hand. 

I'll put you under the dryer with a beverage and a snack. We have chargers for your phone and books to read.

When your hair is mostly dry and living in it's natural state, I'll cut your hair to your specifications with a design to last for months.



    Why trust me with your incredible crown of curls?

    I've taken an extensive amount of education that pertains to curls

    I'm Sassoon trained

    I'm a member of Texture Vs Race, a community of stylists committed to the idea that hair is a fabric, not a race

    I've taken classes with Forever Curls Academy with Leysa, Carillo

    I took Black Beauty School

    And I have taken Level 1 and Level 2 of Cut it Kinky with @iamblackgirlcurls and am an ambassador of their digital salon

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      Curly Cuts are $150 and can take up to 3 hours

      If you would like to schedule a Curly cut with me, please send an email to so we can schedule you. you will have the best results if you stop using oils and butters 30 days prior to your appointment. This will allow your hair to accept the hydration we'll be teaching you to feed your curls.


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